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Amazons new algorithm designs clothing by analyzing a bunch of pictures

Amazon’s new algorithm designs clothing by analyzing a bunch of pictures Amazon has developed an algorithm that can design clothing by analyzing a bunch of images to copy the style and then apply it to new items generated from scratch, reports MIT . Amazon is focussing heavily on fashion, and has previously said it’s looking to become “the best place to buy fashion online,” so designing its own pieces pinned to current trends seems like a logical move. The algorithm was developed by Amazon Lab 126, the company’s research and development hub and uses a tool called generative adversarial network (GAN). The GAN is a new technique in AI research that forces two neural networks against one another , using the outcome to improve the overall system. It learns from raw data — so by looking at a batch of images, it can draw out a style. That could mean spotting a particular trend on Instagram, Facebook, or its own collection of fashion imagery generated by the company’s new Echo Look cameras. It’s the latest step by Amazon to further its clout in the fashion space. Imagine it: Amazon spots a trend and then quickly design clothes via AI that can be produced on-demand . Amazon’s reach coupled with consumer desire for cheap, trendy clothes could one day create the clothing juggernaut of every clothing retailer’s nightmare.

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A Washington Post  poll last year  showed that 90 percent of Native Americans are not offended by the Washington Redskins name -- the same polling numbers when the question was asked 12 years prior. The term “Redskin” is so inoffensive that eight in ten said they would not be bothered even if a non-native called them that. Some so-called leaders in the Native American community disagree with เสื้อคู่รักเกาหลี those numbers. However, my own experiences indicate they are correct. Native Americans I've spoken with through the years do take issue with the Washington Redskins, but not with the name itself -- they just all agreed that the team perennially sucks. It's funny how "tolerance" is such a buzzword on the Left, but people like Brown make it clear that the only tolerance the Left has is for its own opinions. The team has a name. A lot of people don't like it. But there are plenty of logos and brands and organizations out there that people find offensive, yet the Left only targets certain ones for destruction.

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